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Successful Alcoholics poster.

January 17th, 2010

One of my best friends, ex-roommate and all around uber-talented dude, Jon Wilcox designed and illustrated a poster for Successful Alcoholics.  I love it!

Successful Alcoholics Poster


January 17th, 2010

Ok, so I haven’t been updating my site much because I’ve been waiting to finish a few key videos. It’s almost fully operational, and I hope to have most of it done very soon.

In more exciting news though. Successful Alcoholics, the 25 minute short I produced and directed is going to sundance!  Here are the dates it’s playing at the sundance website. If any of you are going to Park City next week, come out and see my short.  It’s in Shorts program II.  Stop by and say Hi!

Memoirs of a Manchild: Vol 5 : Lemonade

January 17th, 2010

Book Club

January 17th, 2010

Death Valley

January 11th, 2010


January 9th, 2010

Memoirs of a Manchild: Vol. 4: Mint In Box

January 7th, 2010

Fox Compton

January 5th, 2010